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One of my favorite childhood memories was the annual family visit to my grandparents in Ohio. I always remember the long hugs, my grandma's warm smile, and her big glass cookie jar in the kitchen. It was always full. Always comforting and delicious.

That feeling of sharing good food is why I started Sweet Diane's. To make delicious food that nourishes every part of you. Like a hug. I've always loved baking for my family and friends. Food brings people together and turns any moment into something special. Starting in my kitchen, I experimented and tested recipes to create granolas that are comforting and healthy. The result was Sweet Diane's.

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Our granola is made with simple, nutrient-packed ingredients. Clean ingredients that are plant-based, naturally gluten-free and with no additives. Ingredients packed with healthy protein and fats that give you energy to live the life you desire.

Sweet Diane's mantra is "Plant Based Comfort Food." It informs everything we do. More plant-based eating makes a positive impact on the environment. And it's the kindest diet choice you can make.

Good food. Mindfully made. From our kitchen to your life.



Owner and Founder, Sweet Diane's LLC

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